We shoot outdoors at Grassmoor Sports Centre, Strawberry Howe, Cockermouth CA13 9XR, and indoors at Dean School, Dean, Cockermouth CA14 4TH, under Archery GB rules.

We have the following policy for all ranges we use:

If you are not shooting within a club session, you must

  • Have a partner to act as lookout;
  • Be competent in setting up and taking down equipment;
  • Be responsible for all aspects of safety on the range; and
  • Ensure the club container is securely locked before you leave.

Coaches are available from 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Tuesdays to answer questions and offer afvice about shooting and equipment.

Saturday morning shooting takes place all year round.  However, during the winter months, we tend to shoot the frostbite rounds and rarely beyond 50 yards.

For all sessions, we ask participants to arrive 15 minutes before the start time to help set up the range and put their bow together.

When shooting outdoors, once participants achieve a Blue or better average, we ask them to move up a distance to prevent wasting time looking for arrows.

As we shoot on rugby pitches, it is vital all arrows are located.  If one can't be found, a lost arrow form must be filled in.

Container keys are available to all senior club members for a £30.00 deposit.


Indoor shooting: October – March

Dean School, Dean, Cockermouth

Tuesday nights

All ages: 7:00-9:00pm

 Cost per session, to cover hall rental:

Seniors: £3.00

Juniors: £1.50


Outdoor shooting: March – September

Grassmoor Sports Centre, Strawberry Howe, Cockermouth

Tuesday and Thursday nights

All ages: 6:30-10pm

Saturdays - All year

All ages: 9am-1.30pm