Club Records

Club Records can be set for any GNAS recognised indoor, outdoor, clout and field rounds. We also hold records for Dean rounds, which we shoot at our indoor range. To claim any record, you must let the Records Officer know. Records may be claimed for rounds shot at compertitions or club days, provided you have a witness to your achievement. 


Club Records

Indoor Challenge Award

Over the winter, we shoot Dean rounds at Dean School and these are used for the Indoor Challenge Award. The Dean Round consists of 36 arrows shot on a 60cm or 40cm target face using ten zone scoring. The club has Dean Round Achievement badges, with one badge available each year for each bow style you shoot, based on your best single round score during the indoor season. For scores to count, they must be entered in the Dean Round Book, which is available from Paula Atkin on the night. The required scores are:

  • Gold Star: 360
  • Gold: 324 - 359
  • Red: 252 - 323
  • Blue: 180 - 251
  • Black: 108 - 179
  • White: 36 - 107

County Records

County records can be set in competition or at club target days. To claim one, fill in a County Records Claim Form and send it to the County Records Officer. Certificates for valid county records are presented at regular intervals, usually at county competitions.